Benefits of UE Enclosures

At UE Enclosures, our entire business process has been designed to manufacture custom enclosures. We have developed a reputation as a production custom shop, manufacturing a wide variety of special purpose enclosures including stainless steel, aluminum, sheet metal, powder coated, wall and floor mount styles, single or multi-door, for use in a wide range of industries.

UE Enclosures is a  CSA (Canadian Standards Association) international listed manufacturer and our products have been deemed to be in compliance to UL (Underwriters Laboratories) Standard No. 50 covering Electrical boxes and Cabinets. UE Enclosures products are therefore authorized to bear the CSA/US “NRTL” marking indicator which identifies compliance to US standards.

CSA, NEMA, UL and IP ratings are based on geographical regions and the ratings are based on similar application descriptions and expected performance. UE Enclosures is a manufacturer of product that meets or exceeds CSA and UL compliance requirements. We are certified to meet CSA Types 1, 2, 3, 3R, 4, 4X and 12 Designation. CSA inspectors do regular audits at our facility to ensure compliance with prescribed manufacturing methods.

Customized enclosures arrive at your job site ready for assembly. No modifications are required – standard options are already installed. Enclosures are ready to populate with your product.

Full custom:

All the “modifications” you would normally require of “standard” enclosures are already completed. Customization is expected on every enclosure and our process is designed for it.

Custom options:

You choose the options and features you want. Our custom enclosures can include “standard” off-the-shelf components installed by UE or customized components for your unique application.

Productivity gain:

Your enclosures will be ready for mounting or installation of your components. No additional knock outs, cut outs, or paint touch ups required.

Lower total cost of ownership:

Keep your skilled labor force focused on building your product versus cutting holes and touching up paint. Eliminate time, effort and floor space required for enclosure modifications.

Handle enclosure once:

An enclosure from UE Enclosures does not need to be shipped out for modifications or paint touch-ups. You work with one vendor to receive an assembly-ready enclosure.

Fast delivery:

Delivery targets are maintained.  To achieve best reliable delivery dates, customized scheduling software is used to confirm delivery dates and monitor all orders.

Lower inventory cost:

A custom enclosure can arrive closer to the final assembly date. Because secondary operations are not required, you can lower your work-in-process inventory.