Welcome to UE Enclosures

UE Enclosures is a CSA/UL Compliant and ISO 9001 certified company and has been manufacturing custom enclosures for nearly 25 years. As a custom enclosure manufacturer we differentiate ourselves with our fast delivery of a fully customized enclosure. UE Enclosures specializes in building a wide range of transformer enclosures, solar enclosures, custom enclosures and other industrial and commercial style enclosures modified to your specifications.

UE Enclosures

View the manufacturing video which takes you on a quick plant tour of our lean processes.  We continually identify and eliminate waste through continuous improvement and effort.

Lean allows more efficient manufacturing,

productivity improvement,

increased responsiveness to customers and

shipping and delivery of products to meet the demands of our customers.

B e n e f i t s o f U E E n c l o s u r e s

At UE Enclosures, our entire business process has been designed to manufacture custom enclosures.  

C u s t o m e r S e r v i c e

The UE Enclosures customer service approach includes the development of a unique profile for each customer. By incorporating your standard preferences into each custom built enclosure, we are able to provide faster project turnaround time and superior service.

P r o d u c t s

UE Enclosures manufactures custom enclosures to your specifications. Whether you have a completely original enclosure design or you would like an industry standard enclosure with a few modifications, UE Enclosures builds to your needs.

M i s s i o n , V i s i o n , V a l u e s

Our Vision is to provide impeccable service to our customers.  We will continually strive to be a better organization, have fast lead times, competitive pricing and implement  lean principals by empowering our people.