UE Enclosures

We specialize in building a wide range of transformer enclosures, solar enclosures, custom enclosures and other industrial and commercial enclosures to meet your specifications, and we do it all on schedule with reliable lead times.

Our Capabilities

We have developed and employ a wide range of capabilities to manufacture custom electrical enclosures.

About UE Enclosures

For almost three decades, UE Enclosures has been creating custom enclosures for our customers around North America.

Our Process

Through our systematic protocol that keeps us accountable to customers, we are able to manufacture custom enclosures to the specifications that match your goals.

UE Enclosures


At UE Enclosures, we believe the foundation of any healthy partnership is built on communication, and that starts at understanding our customers and what they’re trying to achieve.

We are on the ground level with software developers creating a systematic protocol that keeps us accountable to your needs. We are there with you every step of the way, updating you on the progress of your project, where it is in its life cycle. UE has the expertise to get your job done right.

It is an absolute pleasure working with all members of the UE team. All UE processes seem to be streamlined perfectly, from the quoting process, PO placement, PO acknowledgement, delivery notification and follow up. UE team members are very courteous, respectful and extremely professional.

Two particular instances come to mind where UE assisted us in a crunch situation. The first is when UE manufactured an Enclosure Assembly using standard blueprints, plus some sketches where modifications where requested by us. Despite us having some limited engineering resources, UE delivered the desired product using this unconventional documents.

The second instance was two days before the UE annual shutdown when UE quoted, manufactured and delivered a much needed order. This just emphasized their commitment to customer care. Thank you.

Roy Totharam
Senior Buyer, Coherent

UE is a absolute pleasure to work with. Delivery is always on time. pricing is fair and up front. Any time I have a question Bill Buhler is on top of it. As a matter of fact UE is currently helping me out of a jam. We have a large order coming for the Netherlands Government that we were not going to be able to fill if UE wasn’t able to come thru with the lead time they dis. Truly was a life saver!

Mike Tennant
Logistics Manager/Purchasing Manager, FCX Systems

UE Enclosures has been our main Enclosure Supplier since our previous supplier informed us they were closing their doors, and we went into panic mode. I was given UE’s contact info. by a friend of mine, and from the moment I met with them I knew they were going to be our new supplier. They were open to our designs, spent time with me in their factory to assure me they were capable of making our equipment and made me very comfortable and welcome. Since placing our first order with them, their quality, delivery and customer service has been nothing other than top shelf. Even when there are (rarely) issues, whether on our end or theirs, it is handled professionally and quickly. The quality of the work is consistently good and delivery dates are met, fairly rare in this day and age, especially with custom work. I believe that not only are they our suppliers, but I have established a personal relationship with the people at UE. For me personally, I am old school and believe that business should be done with relationships, and I find this to be true with UE. Everyone from reception, to quoting, to engineering, to production, to Management are fantastic & pleasant people, and I am proud to be associated with them.

Simon Shaughnessy
Mechanical Designer, Liberty Airport Systems

I have been a buyer for 44 years and UE is the best supplier I have dealt with in all the years I have been a buyer. All employees are professional and understand the urgency that is needed in todays’ markets. They are quick to respond to quotes, expedites, confirmations. The life of a buyer can be hectic and stressful and I am thankful that I have UE as a supplier because they make my life as a buyer easier than all other suppliers. Whatever system they use to schedule is superb. They confirm deliveries quickly and do what they commit to. The very few times they cannot make their confirmed delivery date they contact me in advance and let me know. When I have urgent needs for a quick delivery they usually squeeze my request in and take care of my urgent request. A company that uses UE as a supplier will not be disappointed in their decision to use them. I am confident UE will become one of your top suppliers quickly.

Loretta Laughlin
Purchasing Representative, Siemens

FCX Systems designs and manufactures precision solid state frequency converters for both the commercial and military markets. Part of what makes our products stand out from the rest is the enclosure. We pride ourselves in having the highest quality product on the market. This is why we have used UE Enclosures for several years now. The quality of the finished enclosure and the support provided to FCX Systems by UE Enclosures and staff is top of the line. I highly recommend anyone looking for a high quality enclosure for their product to give UE Enclosures a chance.

James Webb
Senior Project Engineer, FCX Systems

UE Enclosures